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for medium and large companies

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Create, manage and monitor all of your separate subsystems, offices and branches from a single account. Each system is isolated and has no access to data from other branches. Select an enterprise server, from our distributed servers, located near your business.

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    Unlimited isolated branches (subsystems)

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    Dedicated Server

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    GDPR Compliance

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    Headquarters Dashboard

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    Geolocator Widget

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    Dedicated Account Manager

Easy and fast

managing multiple branches

Managing multiple company branches has never been easier. Access each branch with your admin interface, and monitor your reports and statistics from your headquarters dashboard.

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Map Widget

with company location

Does your company have multiple branches in the city, in the country or all around the world? Then the location map widget is perfect for you. By having a location map widget directly on your website your clients can easily see all your company branches and schedule an appointment wherever it suits them the best.

Multiple users

with different access levels

Create multiple users for your account and assign role appropriate access levels to each one. Ensure everyone has only the access they need.

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One-click payment

for all branches

Paying for all of your company branches or subsystems is easy through a single interface. Monitor each branch subscription, SMS credits and extra appointments from your headquarters dashboard. Branches may have different needs in features and bookings and subscription is calculated based on those needs. It is easy to add and remove branches to and from your subscription.

Stay on top

of all your businesses

With easy access to all your company branches, you streamline and simplify the top-level management. At the same time, you maintain isolation between systems and prevent unauthorised access. Only your secure, 2FA HQ dashboard will let you access all of your company branches from a single point.

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    Accept bookings via multiple platforms

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    Offer clients to schedule 24/7

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    Ticketing solution

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    Facilitate booking management

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    Over 50 Payment Processors

User cases

The SimplyBook.me enterprise solution can benefit enterprises of all types and sizes and you can have a dedicated server for increased security, higher performance level, and to handle a high load of API calls.

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    NHS uses SimplyBook.me to schedule appointments for Covid testing and vaccinations, for their onsite and drive throughs in multiple stations in the country.

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    International enterprise uses the system to offer classes for users and potential buyers to learn how to use their equipment.

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    An enterprise in the Middle-East uses the enterprise solution to accept appointments for their opticians in multiple optical stores in several countries.

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    A kitchen producer allows their clients to book meetings, across their global stores, to increase the service level and allow clients to experience minimal waiting time for big ticket item sales like kitchens.

Q&A with a client

  • Q: What have been the most significant advantages of integrating a booking system into the NHS Trust´s operations?

    A: For us the flexibility of SimplyBook.me has been great, the way in which we have been able to configure the standard build to our individual site needs. The simplicity of allowing patients and staff a link to book a vaccination was straightforward and the flexibility to block off sessions and slots has been beneficial to us when staff have not been available at a vaccination site.

  • Q: Are there any aspects of the system that you would like to modify or improve?

    A: No, the system works well and we are very pleased with it’s functionality

  • Q: Has SimplyBook.me met all your organization´s scheduling and booking requirements?

    A: Yes, above and beyond expectation

  • Q: Based on your experience, would you recommend SimplyBook.me to other healthcare providers or businesses that require scheduling and booking solutions for their clients or patients?

    A: Yes, I would undoubtedly recommend using SimplyBook.me to other organisations and smaller companies alike.

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Security Matters!

Features like SSO (Microsoft Azure), HIPAA, password security and SSL ensure that your company is safe with us. SimplyBook.me is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant and has a designated Security team inhouse to ensure that your business information remains secure. Secure communications and daily back-up also ensure data integrity and loss prevention.

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Our dedicated account managers are here to help you and answer questions whenever you need. They are also there to ensure you always have someone who knows your business and your needs.

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Best solution

for your business

When you have a large organisation to manage, schedule and monitor from the top down, you need a scalable, flexible and comprehensive solution. You can start small, and easily add branches as you grow.

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Fast and Simple Setup

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    1. Consultation

    A conference call with an account manager to understand your business, your requirements, and how SimplyBook.me can help you streamline your processes.

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    2. Planning and Design

    Designing and planning the plan for introducing SimplyBook.me to your business, to create a complete omnichannel scheduling and management solution.

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    3. Implementation

    We ensure that setup and implementation are smooth and seamless and ensuring that the solution compliments your business hierarchy.

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    4. Training

    We don’t just set you up and leave. We ensure that you and your staff know how to manage, monitor and update your system.

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    5. Launch

    Your system goes live!

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    6. Support

    Continuous and outstanding support from your dedicated account manager and through Live Chat for the lifetime of your account.

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